My name is Aditya, and AppleCrazy has been my Internet pseudonym for a while now.

I am a high school student in the SF Bay Area who likes to build and share interesting things. The majority of my experience is in the JavaScript ecosystem (Node, Express, React) and scientific Python (numpy, pandas), and as such, many of my projects are written in Python or JavaScript. I am comfortable around *nix shells, and am constantly trying to improve my Spacemacs skills. My current area of focus/learning is Deep Learning, after having completed Andrew Ng's Machine Learning class on Coursera. I expect to know the basics of Deep Learning by mid-2019 (along with a project).

I also sometimes also write posts for my blog (linked above). These are long, often narrative-type articles that detail my journey or thought process on a small project. My articles have appeared on the Hacker News frontpage and have been linked to and discussed by The Verge and TechCrunch. My hope is that you find these articles as interesting to read as they were to write.

Drop me a line at emailapplecrazy at gmail dot com if there is anything you want to talk about.

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